I’ve been wanting to make my own granola for ages, ever since I realised that my favourite cereal at the supermarket is stupidly pricey for what is, pretty much, just fancy schmancy oats. I mostly followed the directions I found on this webpage. It contains some good advice and different variations for granola. With my [...]

Soup Sunday: Cauliflower and leek soup

This week’s soup should probably be Soup Monday, because we had this soup last night. But I made the soup on Sunday so technically I can still say it’s part of Soup Sunday. The soup for this week was cauliflower and leek. I know that cauliflower isn’t the coolest kid on the block, but I [...]

Kum Tong

The Parents went home today (awwwww!). Each time they visit, it goes smoother and smoother. I’ve stopped reverting into a sullen teenager (can’t say the same of my Bro though… ahem…) and they give me less lectures… err advice. We must all be mellowing with age! In fact, I don’t think I was snappy at [...]

Work lunches: Mrs Parma’s

Oh hai! I’ve been very quiet on the food blogging front. If you’ve guessed it’s because I haven’t been doing much cooking since mum and dad arrived – you would be correct! (How has it been? It has been fan-fricken-tastic. I haven’t been this spoilt since… well, since the last time they came for a [...]

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