Pumpkin damper with parmesan and sage

The past few weeks we’ve been having Soup Sundays. It hasn’t really happened on purpose, but somehow Sunday rolling around had put me in the mood to make soup. I’m sure the cooler weather has had something to do with it! The soup last Sunday was a vegetable and lentil soup and I wanted to [...]

Hunza Pie

Silver beet (swiss chard) is not something that I eat very often. In fact, when I bought a bunch of silver beet to make this Hunza pie, it was the first time I’ve purchased it. We didn’t eat silver beet much when I was younger – my mum had a friend who would give her [...]

Fig, berry and pistachio burnt-butter tart

Oh, fig season! It never seems to last long enough. Last year I bookmarked a recipe in Gourmet Traveller for this fig, berry and pistachio burnt-butter tart but didn’t get around to making it before fig season ended. Well, I was determined to make it this year and finally had the opportunity to do so [...]

Birthday French Toast

March in Melbourne is always a busy month. Lots of festivals and major events seem to be scheduled for March – Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, Moomba, the Avalon Airshow, the Greek Antipodes Festival, the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival, and the Grand Prix to mention a few. We didn’t do most things, but we did [...]

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