Lemon Iced Tea

I’m a bit late, but I hope that everyone (in Australia) had a great Australia Day! And also a good Chinese New Year! So to all Melburnians, how hot is it this week? 42°C yesterday, 43°C today, 43°C tomorrow… sweltering! I like the heat, but even I’m not silly enough to be outside during these [...]


The other week, Alastair, Benisa and I went to the NGV to see the Andreas Gursky exhibition. Andreas Gursky, a German photographer, takes large scale colour photographs of scenes of modern life that are often highly detailed. At the exhibition are some fantastic photos – one of my favourites was titled Nha Trang, a shot [...]

Green Tea and Turkish Delight

Today is my last day of sick leave. It’s back to work and the daily grind tomorrow! My mouth has healed quite well, and I’m pretty much eating normal food again – although I probably should have stuck to soft food for longer. I just couldn’t bear it any longer! Since it’s my last day [...]

Victoria Street Lunar New Year Festival 2009

There’s a new year coming – Chinese/Lunar New Year! Celebrations have started around Melbourne to ring in the Year of the Ox, which officially starts on 26 January (which also happens to be Australia Day this year). There were festivities in Footscray the other weekend that I missed, but which Towser from Spot4Nosh has blogged [...]

Kaneda Japanese Restaurant: Siblings who lunch

I had my four wisdom teeth out yesterday afternoon. The procedure went fine – it was under a general anaesthetic, so I went to sleep and when I woke up I had four less teeth! In fact, the hardest part was having to fast with no eating after 8am or drinking after 10am. Particularly not [...]

Japanese ITO Noodle Cafe: Siblings who lunch

Bro had a day off recently, and came into the city to have lunch with me. We went to ITO Japanese Café on Bourke Street. When we entered I found that the restaurant was somewhat like the Tardis – it seemed much larger on the inside than the exterior suggested! I choose an item that [...]

Cafe Plum 6 (closed) & Penguins!

Last weekend the Boys and I went to see the Penguins! at the Melbourne Aquarium. We got up early and had brunch in the city before heading there. Brunch was extremely forgettable, so I think I’ll tell you about a couple of past visits to our favourite cafe instead! A wee while ago, Bro and [...]

Christmas baking: almond crescents, gingerbread cookies and cherry tarts

Happy 2009! I hope that everyone had a fun, safe and hangover free New Years. I would love to say that there were no hangovers in this house but that would be a lie….. a big fat lie, as someone spent the first day of the year SEVERELY ill – and it wasn’t me! But [...]

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