2008 Orphan’s Xmas with the KKC

This year, we had our usual Orphan’s Xmas with the Kiwi Kensington Crew – me and the Boys, plus Dany, Scott, Ben, Lisa and honorary member Nate. Previous years have taught us we never have an appetite for a full meal, so everyone bought a selection of nibbles. As you’ll see, there was a fair […]

Messy corn, neat corn

Merry Xmas! I hope everyone had a good one. We had our traditional Orphan’s Xmas with the Kiwi Kensington Crew (KKC). There was food and booze aplenty. At Xmas I was admonished by Dany for not posting the following photo of corn cobs taken at my Birthday BBQ. Since the internet is poorer without it, […]

Cherry coconut mud cake

As mentioned previously, it was my birthday last weekend. It rained allllll day but despite the rain, I had a pretty good day. It started off with brunch at Plum (which was great, as always), and then afterwards Alastair took me shoe shopping as part of my birthday present. Those who know me in real […]

Soy sauce chicken wings

So it was my birthday in the weekend. I organised a low key BBQ to mark the occasion – and of course it was the wettest day this year. It rained ALL FREAKING DAY. Nevertheless, I sent Alastair out in the rain to tend the BBQ. Whenever we host a BBQ, I prefer not to […]

Pistachio and polenta cake with orange blossom syrup

A wee while ago now, Alastair and I went over to the lovely Jo’s place for lunch along with our usual dinner/lunch group. She made a delicious Moroccan lamb stew on cous cous, and I contributed dessert. Since I hadn’t flicked through the Australian Women’s Weekly “Bake” in quite a while, I allowed myself to […]


One sunny but slightly chilly Sunday, we went looking for a good brunch option. We came across Sugarbeat, a small (or intimate, if you prefer an euphemism) café in Ascot Vale. Bro had the Catalan eggs ($13) – fried eggs topped with chorizo and corn salsa. The chorizo had a fair kick to it! And […]

Food round up: Mostly Hobart

It’s time for another round up of food I’ve eaten – mostly from my trip to Hobart with Mum and Dad. Mures, Upper DeckVictoria Dock, Hobart, TasmaniaPhone: (03) 6231 1999 Our first night in Hobart, we wandered around acquainting ourselves with the city. For dinner, we walked down to the waterfront and decided to eat […]

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