Congee and chili sauce

We love spicy food in my house. I’ve been on the lookout for a good chili sauce/oil recipe for quite some time. I wanted something that wasn’t just spicy, but that was also fragrant and tasty. One evening I dedicated a couple of hours on google searching for a recipe that would be similar to [...]

Trunk: Ladies who Lunch

Lisa came into the city recently and we had a leisurely Friday lunch. We headed down to Trunk, situated in a lovely red brick building that used to be a synagogue. Upon entering, we found there were two menu options – the bar menu, and the dining room menu. Lisa and I had a quick [...]


It was my Mum’s birthday during their recent visit here, and we headed out to dinner to celebrate. We booked a dinner at Quanjude, a peking duck franchise from Beijing. The first restaurant to bear the name Quanjude was established in 1864, and the one in Melbourne is the first in Australia. The restaurant itself [...]

Leek, pumpkin and sweet potato frittata

It was so warm today! At least, that’s what I heard. During the past couple of weeks, I’ve been very bad and have started not leaving the office during the day. Today was no different. Even though I could see that it was gorgeous outside, and my colleague asked if I wanted to have lunch [...]

Ishiya – Japanese Stonegrill

UGH. I’ve been sick this weekend. Rather than being productive and doing useful stuff, I’ve been low in energy and moping around. I would’ve liked to have done some blogging this afternoon, but there was no way I could concentrate. Fortunately, I’m feeling better now (just in time for Monday – wahoo) and feel able [...]

Melbourne Cup

How we spent Melbourne Cup day yesterday… with beer, bubbles, and sunshine. Thanks to the always lovely Dany for the food and company. Dips, cheese, and mystery meat! (Kabana). Four different kinds of meat! (Not pictured are ribs and chicken wings. They’re not pictured because focussing becomes very difficult when I’ve had a drink.) Nom [...]

Pics from Hobart

Mum and dad went home yesterday morning. We have been exceptionally spoilt during their stay with us so yes, I was sad to see them go, although it was for purely selfish reasons! I’ve had to start doing housework again. Sigh. Before they left, I considered confiscating their passports, but I’m pretty sure that’s frowned [...]

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