A series of brunches: Auction Rooms, Orange and Café Plum (closed)

Auction Rooms103-107 Errol Street, North Melbourne Phone: 9326 7749 Claire highly recommended Auction Rooms, so a couple of weekends ago we went there for brunch. It’s a large, impressive space, all wooden beams, eclecticness and hipsters, and was very busy and bustling when we arrived. After a look at the brief menu, I decided on [...]

Dinner at ours: Mushroom dumplings, spicy pork in pancakes and almond jelly

The previous weekend, while I was in the middle of Super Flu 08, my pal Jo came over. Before I had succumbed to Super Flu 08, I had invited her over for tech support and dinner. By the time Saturday rolled around I mistakenly thought that I was recovering so opted to keep the date. [...]

Apple pie with custard

This apple pie recipe is from an issue of Delicious and is supposedly Ben O’Donoghue’s Grandma’s recipe. Now, far be it for me to question a recipe that belongs to someone’s gran (respect for your elders and all that), but it did raise a couple of queries. Normally when I make pastry, I add some [...]

Arcadia Gastronomique

Oh, my friends. On Wednesday I was struck down with the lergy that has been plaguing my office and I have been ILL. I’ve spent a couple of days in a snotty, feverish haze and even today I’m still leaving masses of used tissues in my wake. My head has been so foggy that thinking [...]

Dinner at ours: Twice baked cheese soufflé, spinach stuffed chicken roulade and coconut panna cotta

The other weekend, we invited Benisa, Dany and Dany’s father over for some food and a catch up. We started with a twice baked cheese soufflé, taken from this month’s issue of Delicious. In the magazine, it’s a goat’s cheese soufflé and served as a main (with salad), but as I’m still unsure about goat’s [...]


The other weekend we headed to Tonik with our regular dining pals, Benisa (Ben + Lisa) plus Nathan. Tonik is a bar located in Kensington Village, which does some rather good food. It feels very cosy inside, with couches and an open fire place on one side of the room and tables on the other. [...]


A couple of weeks ago, through the power of the internets, a high school friend of Alastair’s got in contact. Alastair hadn’t seen or spoken to this person for over ten years, but when we found out he was visiting Melbourne, we caught up with him over dinner. He picked Montezumas on Bridge Road so [...]

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