Nudel Bar and Society: Ladies who Lunch

This is a double edition of ladies who lunch – I had the pleasure of having two lunches with two friends in the same week. Jo and I went to Nudel Bar for a long over due catch up. It was a cold, wintry day, and I felt like something warm and soupy. So I […]

German FFOF

Hallo! It’s been a while since FFOFs for us. A FFOF (Flickr Fuck Off Feast) is a meal where we cook food that that relate to a particular theme. Alastair and I missed the Greek FFOF due to parental issues (mine came to visit) so I was determined to make the next one. The theme […]

Dai Duong

On the Sunday of my Bro’s birthday weekend, we went to yum cha. He woke up feeling a bit nauseous (hung over), but when I suggested that we reschedule yum cha, he bravely said that he would eat through the pain. What a trooper! When it comes to yum cha, we used to go to […]

Gills Diner

Groin grabbingly good! – Ben To continue the celebration of my Bro’s birthday weekend, we headed to Gills Diner last Saturday night with a few of his friends. The quote above is from our pal, Ben, who requested that I post it on my blog sometime. He is a very articulate man indeed. Gills Diner […]

Blush Foodroom (closed) – Happy Birthday, Bro!

It was Bro’s birthday on Friday – 08/08. How lovely that the Olympics were scheduled especially to celebrate his birthday! On Friday night, we went to Blush Foodroom to kick off the eating weekend. Blush is located on a corner, in a cottage that was once a milk bar. Nowadays, it’s a split-level restaurant that […]

Melt and mix banana bread

Is Spring coming? I walk past this tree every day on my way to/from work and noticed last week that it has started to produce flowers. There’s only flowers on this one so far – the trees next to it are still bare. I sure hope Spring is coming! Bro and I spent some time […]

Fräus Crêpes & Chocolat

On a chilly Sunday, Alastair and I headed out for brunch and came across Fräus. Fräus specialises in chocolate and crepes – both good things! It was busy when we walked in, and as all the inside tables were taken, we were given the option of sitting in the back courtyard. It was FREEZING outside, […]

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