Blogging by mail

Yey! I got a surprise in the post yesterday. A Blogging by mail (BBM) package! My first package sadly went astray. But Cakelaw from Laws of the Kitchen was my BBM angel and sent me a replacement one! I hadn’t been expecting a replacement – I just chalked it up to bad luck that mine [...]

Peanut brittle cookies

Starting the apple, dried cranberry, and almond loaf got my baking mojo flowing, so I harnessed that energy to make something else. I felt like making biscuits and flicked through the Australian Women’s Weekly “Bake” (you may have noticed that I have been using it a lot lately!). I came across a recipe for peanut [...]

Apple, dried cherry/cranberry and almond loaf

A couple of weeks ago, the Good Food and Wine Show was here in Melbourne. Like we do most years, Bro and I went along. This year seemed quite good, and there were some new products/stalls that I hadn’t seen before. Previously there were lots of stalls with cheese and yoghurt – and there were [...]

Lime coconut syrup cake

A few years ago we lived in Fitzroy, in a little house with a little courtyard. There wasn’t much to the courtyard out back: a few bushes, brick paving, and a lime tree. We never looked after the tree – didn’t even water it – but it seemed to thrive on neglect. When it fruited, [...]

French onion muffins

Cold weather always makes me crave soup. I have a couple of soups on rotation during the cold months and one of those is an easy, peasy pumpkin soup. It basically involves softening some diced onion and garlic in a bit of oil. Then I add peeled and diced pumpkin to the pot, add just [...]

Cafe Plum 5 (under changed management)

Do you find that sometimes you get bored with things that you enjoy? Fortunately that hasn’t happened so far with our favourite café – Plum. The boys and I went there for brunch (again) the other weekend, and I wasn’t intending to blog about it since I’ve already raved about here, here, here AND here. [...]

Ichipan Crepes

On one of the laneways down to the Melbourne Central train station (off Swanston Street) is Ichipan Crepes. Brightly lit, with a red colour scheme and plastic food in the window, they sell crepes – savoury crepes, sweet crepes; hot crepes, cold crepes. If you’re feeling adventurous, there’s a number of savoury crepes – tuna, [...]

Food I’ve been eating

Yey! It’s time for another food round up post (aka I’ve got a backlog of photos). So what have I been eating? Well, it appears that eggs have been featuring heavily. There’s been boiled eggs with toast soldiers. There’s been scrambled eggs topped with feta, cooked Gordon Ramsey style. And served on toast, of course. [...]

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