Simply Spanish

It’s Friday, and I’m home today! This is not a fun at home day, this is more I’m home because there’s tradies on my roof and WHAT THE HELL IS THAT NOISE? Are they fixing the roof or whacking pigeons with a baseball bat? It sounds like the roof is going to cave in. Hopefully [...]

Buffs – Apollo Bay + the 12 Apostles

Loch Ard Gorge When my parents were here for a visit, we did the drive down the Great Ocean Road to the Twelve Apostles. The weather was lovely when we set out in the morning, and also when we stopped in Apollo Bay for lunch. However, by the time we got to the Twelve Apostles, [...]

Middle eastern orange cake / flourless orange cake

This flourless orange cake is really quite amazing. The cake is unbelievably moist and has a wonderful, deep orange flavour that is quite surprising. Once the oranges have been boiled, it’s very quick to put together (The recipe says to boil the oranges for two hours. I only did about one, and they were fine). [...]

Journal Canteen: Ladies who Lunch

Isn’t it annoying how life always gets in the way? When I first started working in the city, my friend Emily and I had the intention of having lunch about once a month. With lots of stuff happening in both our lives, it was difficult to set a date and we skipped a couple of [...]

Banana Cake

Bananas are breeding in my freezer. Looking inside my freezer recently, I realised I had almost a dozen ripe, blackened bananas in there. The problem is, I don’t like eating bananas once they have passed that perfect yellow stage. So they get stashed in the freezer. After I realized that bananas were taking over, I [...]

Blacksmith’s tea loaf

This so called loaf is basically a cake. It’s pretty quick since all the ingredients get thrown into a saucepan before being baked. Chock full of dried fruit, it’s very moist, rich and rather sweet. As you can see, mine looked like it was rather dense, but it didn’t taste heavy, possibly due to all [...]

Sticky chicken wings

I made these chicken wings the other night for a quick and dirty dinner (dirty because Bro and I gave up using cutlery and chowed down on them with our hands!). The recipe is simple and easy – pop the wings in a marinade for a couple of hours and then roast them until cooked. [...]

Hong Kong BBQ & Seafood Chinese Restaurant

The Nobbies – Phillip Island As mentioned in an earlier post, my mum and dad were over for a visit recently. Mum did manage to find the three surfaces that I had neglected to clean, but since she cleaned up as she complained, that was a-okay! Along with cleaning my poor neglected house, mum and [...]

Little orange poppyseed cakes

I had a free health check at work today. There was good news and bad news. The bad news is that my height was 3cm less than I thought it was. Some might think that’s not really bad news, but when you’re not very tall, every centimetre counts! The good news is that, along with [...]

Passing on the Excellent!

I’m rather hopeless with picking favourite things. Ask me what my favourite colour/movie/song/meal/fruit/etc is, and I’ll list ten items. Hopeless! So it’s taken me a bit of time to think about it, but I’d like to pass the E is for excellent award on to two great blogs: to Towser from Spot4Nosh and Danny from [...]

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