Café Plum 4 (closed)

We eat out a lot during the weekend. Often we’ll go out for brunch on Saturdays and Sundays, and normally at least one evening meal is eaten out as well. I try not to let us eat out too much because it gets expensive. In addition, when faced with an unhealthy option versus a healthy [...]

Hainanese Chicken Rice

Has anyone been watching Food Safari on SBS? I’m really enjoying the series, and have found most episodes fascinating, with the exception of at least one cuisine that didn’t seem very exciting – schnitzel. I love the run down of the common ingredients used in each cuisine, and the segments with the home cooks. The [...]

Roasted snapper

It’s interesting what people search for to arrive at my blog. Mostly, people seem to be looking for Jamie Oliver recipes. Well, when I cooked this snapper, I took a bit of a Jamie approach. A bit of this, a bit of that, throw it all together – lovely (jubbly)! For this meal I just [...]

Portuguese-style chicken curry, daal and cabbage slaw

I’m having difficulty with food blogging at the moment. It’s not due to lack of time or energy. It isn’t because I’m not eating well, or not cooking good food, or not photographing meals. My issue is with the whole stringing words into coherent sentences thing. It seems that food blogging involves more than just [...]

The Abyssinian

Recently, to celebrate a friend getting older and wiser, we had a meal at an Ethiopian restaurant located in Flemington, the Abyssinian. The food is based on recipes from the Horn of Africa. The menu was rather long, so we took the easy option and ordered the meat combination platter. The platter comes with slow [...]

Spicy eggplant and garlic shoots

Remember encyclopedias? Do you remember how those big books took up several shelves? This is a very nerdy thing to admit, but when my parents bought us a set of encyclopedias, I read most of the volumes. Nowadays, with Wikigoogle at our fingertips, who needs encyclopedias filling up the bookshelf? Wikipedia in particular is great. [...]

A stew of mussels

I’m currently watching Rick Stein on telly, so perhaps it’s fitting that I’m about to post one of his recipes! I love mussels, and they are so easy to cook. We bought two kilos, and the three of us scoffed them all! The tomato stew was very tasty, although a tad too salty. I added [...]

Bottega: Ladies who Lunch

My friend Emily and I just managed to sneak the next instalment of Ladies who Lunch into January. The restaurant of choice this time was Bottega, which is located at the top end of Bourke Street, not too far from Parliament. We were offered bread to begin. Really Good Bread. Sometimes it’s the very simple [...]

Garlic shoots and steamed tofu

Firstly, happy Chinese New Year/Lunar New Year! I’ve always liked Chinese New Year, mostly because of the red envelopes that are given out (who doesn’t love a bit of extra pocket money?). Now that I live in a different country to my family, I don’t get many red envelopes anymore. However, a phone call to [...]

Fig porn


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