Singapore food

Gak! Has it really been almost two months since we got back from Africa? And I still haven’t finished posting all my photos. What a slacker.

The more direct route to South Africa is through Perth, but I was pretty keen to stop in Singapore on the way back (plus I’m not really a fan of Qantas). We only had two nights in Singers, but it was great! The pace was a huge change from Africa. I was especially happy about having a nice hotel to stay in, with a good bed and a great shower…. oh, it was wonderful. We didn’t do much in our time there. We caught up with a friend, did a tiny bit of shopping, and we visited the aquarium/underwater world. Alastair likes stuff like that. When we were in Spain a few years ago, we went to three aquariums. Three! What can I say, the man likes his fish.

We did also eat a bit of food while in Singers.


I had some congee during transit, while we were waiting for our flight to Capetown. I didn’t get any sleep on the plane and was SO tired and cranky (poor Alastair had to put up with my moaning!). The congee made me feel a little bit better. It’s such a comfort food.

Congee 2

And I had congee again at the end of our trip. Mhmm, congee. I really need to make it sometime.


Alastair doesn’t quite understand the congee thing so he had pancakes. Pffft.


In Chinatown, we ducked into a small stall and had some noodles. Alastair had dumpling noodle soup.

Beef noodles

While I had beef. The meat was tender, however the soup wasn’t particularly flavourful. But it did cost S$4, so I’m not complaining.


Alastair fit some laksa into his stay. Twice. (I didn’t take a photo of his second bowl.)

Chicken rice

But for me, my visit wasn’t complete without some chicken rice.

It was interesting being in Singapore having come from Jo’burg. Jo’burg has a reputation for being an unsafe city, while Singapore must be the opposite. We only spent one evening in Jo’burg, and we were advised that it was fine, but not to wander around at night. In Singapore, on the other hand, we walked through Little India around midnight to get to Mustafa, the 24 hour department store, and felt perfectly safe. So I don’t know if Jo’burg’s reputation is worse than the reality, but I do know that every house that we saw there was surrounded by razor wire or electric fences. Plus I read a South African Cosmopolitan – in amongst the usual stories about how to get a man, what to wear this summer, etc, was an article about what to do if you get car jacked. Hmmm! Perhaps there is some truth to the stories.