What I’ve been eating

It’s time for another “What I’ve been eating” post! Grand AsiaTarget Centre Arcade236 Bourke Street, Melbourne Curry beef noodle soup ($7.80) The curry beef noodle soup was hearty, thick and tangy. It was perhaps a touch too sour. The meat was a tad fatty although tender, and the noodles were thick hokkien noodles (my favourite!). [...]

Barbecued marinated marlin steaks with tabouleh

So I’m not as bad a gardener as I thought. My herbs are thriving! I’ve been collecting water from the shower (the cold water prior to getting into it, not soapy water) and I’ve actually got more water than plants. Due to this, and since my existing ones are doing so well, I went and [...]

Mini cheesecakes

I made these little cheesecakes for a gathering at a friend’s place. They taste quite light, despite the ingredients, and they’re not too sweet and rich. The fruit on the top helps give a bit of tartness. They were very popular! I don’t think they would have been as impressed if they had known how [...]

The Palmerston Hotel: Chicken parma

A friend of my Bro’s came to visit over New Years, and during his visit we gave him many good eating experiences. One of those was to experience the wonder of a parma, as he had never eaten one before. Those who read superparma.com (sadly, it looks like the domain hasn’t been renewed) will recognise [...]

Peanut butter topped brownies

There are some foods that work so well together. One combination that I adore is peanut butter and chocolate. With my tastes tending to savoury items, I don’t generally eat much chocolate, but I do make an exception for these brownies (and Reese’s peanut butter cups… YUM). This recipe is very simple although mine took [...]

Gold Leaf: yum cha

Yum cha early on a Sunday afternoon was a common occurrence for our family. Wellington may be a terribly long way from Hong Kong, but there is a Cantonese community, as well as several good yum cha restaurants. Yum cha was always a busy, bustling affair with trolleys full of steaming baskets being squeezed past [...]

Singapore: Newton Food Centre

Newton Food Centre is a major food centre that was first opened in 1971, and is widely promoted by the Singapore Tourist Board. Apparently it has a reputation for being touristy and expensive. We went there for dinner on our last night in Singapore, solely because I discovered that our hotel was just down the [...]

Singapore food: random Japanese

On one of our evenings in Singapore, we caught up with a friend who lives there. We met him near his workplace, and ended up in a random Japanese restaurant in one of Singapore’s many malls. We had been starved of seafood during our trip, so I was looking forward to having some sashimi. We [...]

Laksa Me

Another hot Friday night lead us wandering the streets of Melbourne in search of Laksa Me. I had a vague idea of where I was going, but unfortunately it was a bit too vague. We overshot the laneway that Laska Me resides in, which meant wandering around in the heat for longer than necessary. Damned [...]

Corn and chickpea flour fritters

Like a lot of people who enjoy cooking, I own a few cookbooks. Over Christmas and my birthday, I got given several to add to my collection…. plus I did buy a few myself! I tell myself that I don’t need to feel guilty about my cookbook collection since I do read each one I [...]

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