I learnt how to make wontons by watching my mum make them. My parents used to own a small food business, and I worked there from when I was an awkward teen of 13 till I was 22 (gotta love family obligations). Nowadays I wonder what people thought when they came in. Even when I [...]

Lemon Herb Squid

I got a small surprise when the latest issue of Delicious magazine arrived in my mailbox this week. In the whole month that had passed since the last issue, I had forgotten that I had a subscription! The slow slide into old age seems to have started. Soon I’ll be prefacing all my sentences with, [...]

Cheesy Pasta with cauliflower and asparagus

Apart from an occasional weekend coffee, and for cooking, we don’t use much milk. I don’t like the taste of plain milk, whether it’s skim, normal or full fat. (But I could drink litres of soy milk, particularly the plastic bottles with yellow lids that can be bought in Asian supermarkets – yum!) Due to [...]

Soul Mama (closed)

Last year, Alastair got the opportunity to go to Mumbai for business. While there, he was kindly shown around by a couple of his colleagues in the Mumbai office. This weekend, he finally had a chance to return the favour, when two of those colleagues came over for a visit. On Sunday we took them [...]

Vegie burgers and chips

I enjoy eating meat, and I don’t think I could ever give it up. However, I do try and ensure that we have a few nights a week where we have a vegetarian meal. I felt like we had been eating a lot of meat last week, so one evening I made vegie burgers. My [...]

Chicken and potato curry with roti

I don’t normally like using curry pastes that come from a jar. They’re very convenient, but I find the taste a bit odd. One problem is that it never tastes the way I think it should (ie good!) but the worst part is that there always seems to be either a sour or chemical taste [...]

Cafe Plum revisited (closed)

Another weekend, another visit to Cafe Plum. This visit, there were a couple of interesting specials on the board. My Bro and I went for the specials, while Alastair had ricotta hotcakes with bacon and maple syrup. Durkah crusted poached eggs on white bean braised with mint & chili oil This was my Bro’s brunch [...]

Bulghur, bulgur, bulgar, or burghul?

However you spell it, bulghur is delicious! Bulghur is wheat that is parboiled, dried, and then coarsely ground. At that time, the outer layers of the bran are removed, after which the grains are cracked. It has a distinctive nutty taste, and is high in fibre and proteins and low in fat – it’s a [...]


I read a blog yesterday that had a tip on how to turn a cheap cut of steak into a more tender steak – see Jaden’s Steamy Kitchen here. If you can’t be bothered going to the link, I’ll paraphrase. The idea is that you take a thick piece of steak, coat it very liberally [...]

Jamie inspired roast lamb

This (rather unattractive) roast lamb was inspired by a recipe in Jamie Oliver’s book, Cook With Jamie. In the book, he has a recipe for Mad Moroccan lamb (page 170 if you have it). Jamie’s recipe looked wonderful, but rather involved, and it included cous cous. I adore cous cous, but the Boys are not [...]

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